The Benefits of Learning to Speak French

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Learning the French Language

Whether you learn to speak French for business, recreation, or just for the sake of learning, you will find that you will benefit in many ways! These benefits can be personal (such as fulfillment of your own desire to keep learning ) or they can be practical (you may seem much more appealing to an employer if you speak a foreign language). If you choose to learn the French language there are some obvious benefits:

French is the official language of at least 30 countries throughout the world. Many more countries have a large French-speaking population. Canada, for example, uses French as a second national language. Close to twenty-five percent of the Canadian population speaks French.

Speaking the French language makes travel easier. If you visit a foreign country, you will need to be able to communicate on a basic level, at the very least. While traveling internationally through airports and transit systems you will encounter many people who speak French making communication possible. Often, the people you are trying to talk to are able to speak English, but they will appreciate your attempts to speak to them in their own language. You will seem polite and educated, and chances are you will find the local people much more willing to help you.

Learning  to speak French can also be beneficial for your career. In today’s economy, interaction with foreign countries is common. We live in a global society, and employers are often in need of bilingual employees who are able to communicate with clients in other countries. Being able to speak more than one language makes you much more marketable, and increases your chance of getting that dream job.

French is also a working language in international business and politics. Organizations such as NATO, the United Nations, The International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross all use French as an official language. Imagine the job opportunities available to someone who has learned French as a second language!

Learning to speak French can also have mental and emotional benefits. For many people, learning a new skill helps reduce stress and provides a sense of accomplishment. Learning a foreign language can also have a positive effect on your mental abilities. According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, studies have shown that students who study a second language tend to score higher on standardized tests than students who are not learning a foreign language. When you learn to speak a foreign language, you exercise your memory and enhance critical thinking skills. Studies have even shown that math skills can be increased by the study of a foreign language!

Learning the French language opens you up to new people and experiences! With over 125 million French speaking people in the world, think how many new friends you could potentially make. With the rapid growth of the internet, our planet is virtually getting smaller and smaller; by learning French you’re able to expand your circle and find new and interesting people to talk to and share experiences with.

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