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Now that you’re about to join the ranks of the bilingual, one of your first question is probably, “So, what’s the best French language course?”. Truthfully, that question should be phrased, “What’s the best French language course for ME?”. What works for others may not work best for you, so it’s important to listen to yourself when choosing your French language program. Here are three points to consider when selecting the best way to learn French:

1. Learning style: Pay attention to your particular learning style to get the most out of your French language course. Do you tend to remember faces better than names? You may be a visual learner and might choose French language software that includes videos and images. Are you a whiz at recalling details of news stories from the radio? If you’re an auditory learner, a learn French CD or audio program might work best. Do you find you learn best by jumping in and “doing”? As a kinesthetic learner you’d likely benefit from a program that includes French learning games and interactive activities. Most programs cater to several styles of learning so just be certain your course includes the tools that fit you best.

2. Lifestyle: Be certain your French CD or software course fits easily into your existing lifestyle (in fact, the more you can incorporate your learning into your current routine the better!) If you have a hectic schedule with little free time, choose a program with audio CD’s so you can learn while in your car or at the gym. Maybe you live for that quiet time each night when the kids go to sleep, so a computer software program that lets you immerse yourself nightly would work best. Whatever your circumstances, be completely realistic about what will fit best into your current lifestyle and you’ll be shouting “Je parle Fran├žais” in no time!

3. Language Goal: What are your ultimate goals in learning French? Want conversational skills for travel or speaking with friends? Be sure your program includes a good amount of conversation practice. Need to become fluent for career? Maybe select a program that offers additional advanced-level training. Want or need to get started right now? Choose a program with immediate download capabilities. Finding a learn French CD or software program tailored to your personal language goals insures you’re on the right track from the start.

You’ve already made the commitment to learn French, now reward yourself by choosing the very best French language learning program for you!

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